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Die or dye?

These words are homophones, they sound alike but have different meanings. Let’s have a look:

The word die, used as a noun, may refer to a small cube marked on each face with spots used to play various board games (plural: dice), or to a tool or device for shaping or stamping objects (plural: dies). When used as a verb, the word die means to stop living, to cease functioning or to end in failure (past tense: died).

The noun dye refers any substance used to change the color of something -hair, a fabric, etc. (plural: dyes).  Dye can also be a verb that means to apply dye or color something with dye (past tense: dyed).

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Legal "English Word of the Day by Dena Falken

Legal English Word of the Day/ Bankruptcy Estate 

by Dena Falken Esq.

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Bankruptcy Estate

Under bankruptcy law, at the time someone files for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy estate (sometimes called an estate in property) is created. The estate becomes the temporary legal owner of all of the debtor’s assets and property rights, with a few exceptions. Assets that are part of the estate are subject to exclusive control and the protection of the bankruptcy court.
Generally, the filing of a bankruptcy petition fixes a dividing line: property acquired prior to the filing of the petition becomes property of the estate, and property acquired after the filing of the petition, except as just noted, remains the debtor’s.

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