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Get help to apply for an LL.M in the United States

LLM admission: applying for an LLM program

Getting an LLM in the U.S. or abroad can be a very difficult process.
The application process can be difficult and you will have to get it right to be accepted.
Getting into an LLM program will require time, care and preparation.It will require that you research all the steps involved. Start with an excellent personal statement to tell the school about you, and your interest and passions in law
Research carefully all LLM programs that you may be interested in.
Show all your have accomplished so far and all that you seek to accomplish in your career if you are admitted to the LL.M program.
You will also include important additional material for the admissions committee to look at:
Essays demonstrate not just your interests and goals but how you write as well.
References are extremely important these show the schools the extent to which you’ve impressed people with whom you have worked and studied.
Interviews show not only your verbal skills, but also your personality.

Get good referrals from the right sources

Schools generally ask for references from at least two referees, at least one a professor. If you have substantial work experience, by all means have your supervisor or manager write on your behalf. This can be a useful addition to a professorial reference. If you have been out of university for a long time, consider obtaining both references from employers rather than from former professors, who will likely add little to the picture that emerges from your university transcript if they hardly remember you.
Choose people who know you well and have a high regard for you.

Personal statements are important

 Most LLM applications require that you write one or more essays, or they call them a personal statement. The goal is to explain your background and why you want to attend this program. These personal statements are often at the center of the process to be admitted. Show why your are a unique candidate and what you bring to the program.

Meet all the deadlines

Timing is even more important when applying to several schools rather than one. You should begin the application process at least a year before you would like to start your LLM program. Each school will have separate deadlines.

Give a great interview.

Interviews offer schools the chance to meet with you directly Some things are not readily apparent without a face-to-face meeting, such as your charm, persuasiveness, presence and business manner. Interviews also provide an opportunity to probe any areas that were insufficiently explained in the application. Although only a minority of LLM programs interview applicants, the interview can often be a make-or-break situation for them.

The process can be simpler if you work with a counselor to get your applications perfect and help find the right programs for you in the right cities to meet your goals. Legal-Ease International now provides this service
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